FACT: Multiple Drug Combinations can Leave You Lifeless

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It sounds alarming as many celebrities died from drug overdoses combined with other different substances. Cory Monteith, a glee star cast, died at a young age of 31 when overdosed with heroin and an alcoholic drink. Heath Ledger, a young charming actor popularly known as the Joker in the film The Dark Knight in 2008, died due to multiple drug overdoses of prescription drugs. Another celebrity who died from multiple drug intoxication is Brittany Murphy, an actress who was struggling with addiction and lost the battle when overdosed with combination of heavy metal drugs. The all-time famous singer Whitney Houston was also found dead at her bathtub accidentally drowned to death while taking multiple drugs such as cocaine, flexeril, marijuana and Xanax.

It’s an unfortunate event to have lost many celebrities that made significant marks on the world of show business. But these events may happen to anyone abusing multiple drugs or also to people who are unaware of the effects that drugs may cause them. Prescription drugs and alcohol are the most life-threatening when combined. Some people might think prescribed drugs are safe, but they are wrong. There are certain medications when mixed with alcohol bring severe effects that heighten the side effects for overdoses. Medical experts have been terrified by the threats of drug mixes and have listed some proven deadly combinations. Here are some:

  1. Alcohol and Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are psychoactive drugs commonly known as Valium, Xanax, Klonipin or Ativan. They are used to treat anxiety and depression. Alcohol affects the central nervous system of an individual making him or her depressed. Thus when benzodiazepines and alcohol are mixed, it causes increased effects of depression and sedation. Benzodiazepines alone pose great risks for overdose with the people taking it, mixing it with alcohol can be potentially deadly. Combination of benzos and alcohol lead to whirling sensation, confusion, defective memory and in severe effects may cause unconsciousness or coma.

  1. Alcohol and Painkillers

Opiates, or painkillers, are frequently associated with combination from alcohol. Painkillers such as heroin, morphine, fentanyl, hydrocodone and oxycodone were usually mixed with alcohol by Hollywood starlets because of its increased relief from pain or injury and even producing a sense of euphoria. The sedative effects of the two substances combined can increase the potential risk for overdose and respiratory depression.

  1. Cocaine and Ecstasy

While combining two depressants can be deadly, combining two stimulants also possess the same dangers. Cocaine and ecstasy can both produce effects falling hardly to sleep and slow breathing, mixing it together can as well stop breathing leading to death. Taking one of these drugs can cause impairment in the cardiovascular system and body temperature, combining it leads to more intense effects that may cause overdoses, heat stroke and even death.

  1. Multiple Prescription Opiates

Some medications for pain won’t be so effective after six weeks of intake stated by Dr. Lewis Younger, MD. This tends user to add more drugs almost all the time, increasing the amounts taken to produce same effects as before. This poses high potential for addiction leading to heightened risk of overdoses and death. Multiple prescription painkillers increase the chance for respiratory failure and physical impairments. Surveys have proven that during the recent times, overdoses in multiple prescription painkillers have over ruled overdoses in cocaine and heroin combined in the year 2007.

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