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Officially, alcoholism is recognized as alcohol dependence syndrome or alcohol use disorder. Previously, alcohol use disorder was divided into two categories: alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse, however the term is now broadly used in order to categorize a wide range of problematic drinking behaviors.

Specialized addiction treatment centers allow clients to address existing alcohol issues through detox and psychological rehabilitation to prevent relapse. Alcoholism treatment programs are available in 45 or 90 day programs, both of which provide support to clients once they have completed their residential stay.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction call (702) 420-2144 to speak with a friendly representative at Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas. Alcoholism causes a wide range of not only physical and psychological problems but social issues as well that must be address immediately.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Previously a psychiatric diagnosis, alcohol abuse and dependency is a now defined as an alcohol use disorder that involves the regular abuse of alcohol despite adverse effects.  There are many problematic drinking behaviors that are defined as abusive; common examples include periodic binge drinking and heavy daily drinking.

Alcoholics are divided into two distinct groups: those with pleasure-seeking and anti-social personalities and individuals who suffer from anxiety, who are unable to stop drinking once they get started. Alcohol abuse typically leads to dependence if it goes untreated for an extended period of time. The damaging psychological effects of ongoing consumption are joined by a physical dependency that causes a sometimes serious and even deadly withdrawal if not monitored by medical professionals.

What is Dependence?

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, volume 4 (DSM-IV), three of the following seven criteria must be experienced over a 12-month period in order for an individual to be considered as dependent on alcohol: constant cravings for alcohol, larger amounts and longer periods of use than intended, tolerance, time spent obtaining or recovering from alcohol, ongoing use despite negative consequences, withdrawal symptoms when alcohol intake has ceased, and activities given up because of alcohol. Those who are dependent on this substance require an intensive medical detoxification followed up by residential psychotherapy with relapse prevention measures to help the client achieve long-term success.


If someone you love is suffering from an alcohol addiction but is in denial and refuses to seek professional help, consider holding an intervention with a trained interventionist. An intervention is a meeting held by concerned loved ones, who then calmly describe the reality of the situation by explaining how the addiction has affected his or her close friends and family. An intervention coordinated and facilitated by an interventionist with a proven record of success has a 90 percent chance of successfully persuading the addicted person to voluntarily enter rehab.

Alcoholism Treatment

Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas provides a variety of treatment options for those suffering from alcoholism. Residential care offers programs including customized treatment plans, individual and group therapy meetings, life skills therapy, relapse prevention, and follow-up aftercare.

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