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Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas focuses heavily on relapse prevention as it is an essential part of drug treatment during both residential programs and on an aftercare basis. The goal of relapse prevention programs is to give clients the skills to stay sober following rehabilitation.

In the circumstance of substance abuse treatment, the term “relapse” describes a situation where an individual partakes in drug and/or alcohol use following a period of abstinence. Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas employs relapse prevention methods that teach clients how to recognize and cope with stressful situations in order to prevent a relapse from occurring.

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Three Stages of Relapse

The first stage is emotional relapse. At this time, clients are generally engaged in the recovery process but incapable of dealing with their negative feelings in a healthy way. Some of the more common signs of individuals in this stage are anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, depression, and irritability. More often than not, clients are unable to recognize these serious warning signs during the early stages of relapse, and even if they do, it is unlikely that they will take sufficient action to correct the problem.

For those who ignore the signs of emotional relapse, the chances it will turn into mental relapse are severe. Individuals who enter this stage experience contradictory and confusing thought patterns as they begin to consider returning to drug and/or alcohol use. Some of the more common signs include fantasizing about future drug use, romanticizing past drug use, planning relapse scenarios, and spending time with old (or new) friends who regularly participate in drug use. Although these warning signs are mostly clear to the recovering individual, he or she may not possess the skills or support necessary to overcome these problem situations effectively.

Should the recovering individual overlook their mental relapse, it will most likely transition into a physical relapse, in which he or she takes the final step towards their recovery breakdown and uses drugs and/or alcohol.

If you or someone you know is currently in one of these stages, the therapists at Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas are available to help you or your loved one recognize and manage the symptoms of emotional relapse before it’s too late.



Mindfulness and emotion regulation are essential to relapse prevention as they teach clients how to generate positive thoughts, feelings, and behavioral responses. Addictions are learned behaviors that are grounded on altered brain neuroplasticity. Because of this, those in recovery must learn new ways to manage destructive thoughts and feelings.

The therapists at Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas help clients avoid negative compulsive and impulsive responses by teaching them how to recognize unhealthy thoughts and emotions. The behavioral therapy methods employed at Addiction Drug Rehab Las Vegas take advantage of mindfulness techniques, with cognitive and motivational programs teaching clients how to link their external and internal worlds through conscious thought and intrinsic motivation.

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